Opening minds, eyes, and hearts
Opening minds, eyes, and hearts

About imPULSE dance project

imPULSE dance project, founded in 2012 by Anastasia Waters, has a vision to open the mind, eyes, and hearts of the public to the art of Modern Dance. The company’s mission is to create an audience that will desire to see more, and enhance communities with the Art that is Modern Dance. By integrating dance works into untraditional dance environments and spaces imPULSE dance project aims to capture the attention of new dance audiences. imPULSE dance project has had their works accepted and presented in many Texas dance and art festivals including the Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, COLLAGE 2013: Denton Dance Festival, CDFW Modern Dance Festival at the Modern, the Brazos Contemporary Dance Festival, {254} Dance-Fest, and Dallas DanceFest. imPULSE dance project has produced a number of their own shows that have contained a variety of new premieres and projects.

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