Opening minds, eyes, and hearts
Opening minds, eyes, and hearts

About imPULSE dance project

By integrating our dance works into the environment that surrounds all people in their everyday lives, our dance company will capture the attention of those who would normally look the other way.

So often, in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines we forget to stop and look at the beauty of the world around us. We forget that life is short and the blood running through our veins will not run forever. We rarely act on imPULSE, and allow ourselves to indulge in something out of the ordinary. It is the desire of  the imPULSE dance project to help people step out of their daily routine, and notice and appreciate something new.
IDP performs in and around Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. The company premiered their first work "True Colors" in local festivals such as the 2013 Barefoot Brigade Dance Festival, 2013 Collage: Denton Dance Festival, as well as the 2013 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival.

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Review: "My Beating Heart"

Margaret Putnam -2016

Review: "Snow" (2015)

Danielle Georgiou- 2015

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